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Plurro is a great way to save money doing things you already love to do. It’s as easy as going to your favorite local business in town – it could be a restaurant, movie theater, coffee shop, bar, apparel store or anything in between – with a group of friends and saving big; just for showing up to do something you enjoy doing anyway. Think "Black Friday" - at you finger tips, and with you in the driver's seat. Its Flash Mobs gone retail! We work with the business behind the scenes so that as more people show up for the Plurro, your discount gets larger. It’s great for you, and it generates revenue for the local business.

With Plurro, you can save every day if you want to! Save money by starting a Plurro at your favorite retailer or Plurro a popular sushi restaurant to save on dinner. All you have to do is bring a friend or two. Remember, the more people who join the Plurro, the bigger the discount everyone gets! It costs nothing to start or join a Plurro.

Simply download the FREE app and Plurro your favorite businesses!

Just show up. Save Money. Repeat.

Who We Are:

Our management team is made up of passionate entrepreneurs who have previously built high growth companies. Our Board is comprised of individuals who have led some of the largest retail brands in the country, like the Founder of Sports Authority, former CxO at Macy's, J.C Penney, and Sephora, and the former CEO of Loehmann’s.

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