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You + Others + Brands You Love

Save money, everywhere you shop.

Decide when you want to save; and
how much. Anywhere you want; Anytime.
Start your own Plurro or join others, 
in real-time, shopping for the same
things as you are.

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Looking for some coffee; a perfect pair of jeans; cheap car repair? You're probably not the only one.

Imagine being able to identify the people in your neighborhood who want the exact product you are looking for right now; and creating a crowd of shoppers, in real-time, to get a great discount at a local business that sells it.

Plurro mobilizes the community and negotiates a great discount on your behalf, so you get a great deal! All thanks to other people around you, right now, who want the same product you want!

Ready to see where others around you are shopping? Join your neighbors at a Plurro right now!

Get the FREE app! It’s a win-win for everyone. You get a discount at a local business you love going to; any time you want. And the local business makes a ton of money from the crowd coming in together to shop.

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